The term “High Cotton” means Prosperity. High Cotton has one goal…which is to make YOU more prosperous as a Grower.

  • We provide Growers an innovative solution to manage their finished crop throughout the entire marketing year.
  • Growers’ finished crop (inventory) has significant value and they should have the ability to access this value without giving up control of the final selling price.
  • Our program gives Growers partial cash value for their crop, while having freedom to choose when to market.
  • Growers transfer their crop to High Cotton free and clear of all liens at a value below market.
  • High Cotton simultaneously provides the grower the right to re-purchase the crop at a later date at a rate that is pre-determined and set forth in the original sales contract.
  • The grower pays a small  fee for the right to repurchase and retains marketing control of their crop for the contract period.
  • When a satisfactory cash offer price is received by Grower from the final Cash Buyer, the Grower re-purchases their crop from High Cotton and completes the sale to the Cash Buyer.

Program Requirements

Take Control of your Inventory! Don’t let it Control YOU.