High Cotton provides an innovative solution to an age old problem in that prices are usually lowest at the time of harvest. Growers need liquidity from their stored crops in order to meet their year end financial obligations. Our program is the Solution to this age old problem by providing cash liquidity while allowing a Grower to maintain full control of their crop’s marketing until market conditions are acceptable.

Until now, the only way a Grower could realize needed liquidity was to sell all or a significant portion of their completed crop. Often, a Grower’s only option to obtain any kind of cash advance is to commit their production, on an unpriced basis, to third party buyer “marketing pools”. Upon committing to a buyer pool, a Grower has handed over title, given up any control over the final sale price and waived all producer lien rights. Additionally, the Grower assumes most of the market downside risk without the right to share any portion of upside windfalls.

With High Cotton, you decide when to market your crop. By eliminating the year end financial burdens, you can now be a patient participant in the marketplace for your crop. This represents a significant shift in the balance of power in the “negotiation equation” and may result in much higher pricing for your crop.